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Return of Spherical At Little Cafe!!

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Josef Giese Joe: I have been playing guitar for about three or four years now, play everyday, and love playing. I play all sorts of stuff and sometimes write my own instrumentals etc. I get most of my playing style from guitarists like Eric Clapton, SRV, Slash, Stephen Stills, Joe Walsh and Warren Haynes. I also listen to a lot of older blues like Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and Robert Johnson as well as plain ol' classic rock. As well as guitar, I also play drums, kazzoo and mastacholi on the side. I do regular sound engineering/recording etc. and love to sail and build scale WWII models. My dream is to become a cow or an alpacka. I am a sophomore at Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn where I was born and raised. Rock on peeps, flee two!

Jonathon Mazzei  Jonathan Mazzei is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band. He has been living through music since he was able to strum a guitar, band on a piano, and sing to oblivious house guests. He is a songwriter who frequently puts his thoughts on paper accompanied by tunes to rock your world. He is heavily influenced in his musical persona and style by the likes of John Lennon, Liam Gallagher, Jack White, Nick Cester, Robert Plant, and his father John. His favourite band are the Beatles, but he is inspired by other bands as well such as the classics like Zeppelin, The Faces, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and the Monkees, and the psychedelic sound. Even a few more recent band have caught his attention such as Oasis, Jet, The White Stripes and the Raconteurs. He’s an Italian rocker who will scream into the mic: The rock and roll lifestyle lives on!

Nicholas Cole-Klaes Nicholas Cole-Klaes is the Bass player for the band. He has been an amateur musician since the time he started playing classical piano at age 4. Since then his musical inclination has continued to evolve living through trumpet, guitar and finally bass. He continues to enjoy playing Jazz trumpet in his high school jazz band. He has enjoyed various musical styles, but these days tends to cling to jazz icons such as Miles Davis, Maynard Fereguson, Dizzy Gillespie, Jaco Pastorieus, Return to Forever and Weather Report. On the side he also enjoys fixing up old HiFi stereo equipment. He also runs a small web design company, called Bottom Line Web Design. He currently attends Rudolph Steiner High School, where he is a sophmore.


Please Note! Most of the Gigs Have Been Played More than once!

The Garden City Arts Fest,

Farmington School Family Fun Fair,
New Morning Private School, Plymouth
The Holly Fest, Holly
Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Dearborn
Barton Street Block Party, Garden City
Wellington Street Block Party, Dearborn
The Garden City Heritage Fest, Maplewood Community Center
The Garden City Peace Keepers Breakfast, Hawthorne Valley Country Club
Holiday Workshop, New Morning Private School, Plymouth
Brand New Day Espresso Cafe, Canton
Little Cafe, Dearborn
Cafe Luwak, Ypsilanti
Unity Acoustic Coffee House, Unity of Livonia
Tita Si's, Garden City
4 Seasons Internet Cafe, Canton
Rudolph Steiner High School, Ann Arbor

Spherical Song List

By this time Spherical has aquired a much more extensive song list, to acquire a standard set list please e-mail us at Also during shows requests are more than welcome

To download the Spherical Song List in .PDF form: Click Here

To download the Spherical Song List in .Doc form: Click Here